Departemen Keperawatan Dasar dan Medikal Bedah

Nama: Purwaningsih, S.Kp., M.Kes
NIP: 196611212000032001
NIDN/NUPN: 0021106603
Pendidikan: S2
Kontak: 0315913754 ext. 100
  • 2005: Marketing strategy in order to increase the BOR  of Intrapartum Room II in Dr. Soetomo Hospital.
  • 2005: Correlation habit of eat with status nutrition of people with HIV/AIDS in Clinic HIV/AIDS Dr. Soetomo Hospital.
  • 2006: The sexual behavior of women whose husbands HIV+.
  • 2006: Expedient increase achievement of Anti Retroviral therapy program for people living with HIV/AIDS by home based AIDS care program.
  • 2006: Data base of people living with HIV/AIDS in Surabaya, Jakarta and Makasar city.
  • 2007: Influence factors voluntary counseling test program applied  in Surabaya, Jakarta and Papua.
  • 2008: Enduring program for people with HIV/AIDS by advocating district government and community.
  • 2008: Early detection HIV &  AIDS  case in the community by voluntary counseling test mobile for high risk group.
  • 2009: Applying HIV/AIDS national programs into curriculum of nursing  school through coaching method approach in Faculty of Nursing Airlangga University.
  • 2010: Applying soft skills into curriculum of nursing school through social entrepreneurship program to people with HIV/AIDS in Faculty of Nursing Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • 2011: Analysis of influence  midwife performance  factors in the East Java, Indonesia.
  • 2013: HIV-AIDS Prevention For Construction Worker Through BCC Approach.


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